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For more than 100 years, from 1813 to 1916, law enforcement in the Township of Hamilton was performed by annually appointed constables, citizen-peacekeepers who protected the township part-time while working fulltime in business, trade, and farming.


The Township Police Department was founded in 1916, and was composed of one Chief of Police and a number of citizens appointed as Special Police Officers to be called into service by the Chief of Police in an emergency.  The township’s first Chief of Police was Maurice Taylor, appointed in 1916, and serving for 26 years until his retirement on July 16, 1942.


By the 1960’s the growth of population and business in the Township prompted the growth of the size of the police department.  The department grew from one police chief and several on-call part-time special officers to 13 fulltime police officers by 1976.  The department continued to grow in size: 19 officers in 1984, 43 officers by 1995, 71 officers in 2006, and now stands at 48 officers in 2011.


During its history, the Hamilton Township Police Department has had ten chief executives:


Maurice Taylor

Chief of Police

1916 - 1942

Jack Penze

Chief of Police

1942 - 1956

Joseph Massey Sr.

Chief of Police

1957 - 1966

Joseph Andricci

Chief of Police

1966 - 1967


No Chief

1969 - 1976

Theodore Gallo

Chief of Police



No Chief

1977 - 1980

Ronald W. Martin

Chief of Police

1980 - 1995

Eric F. Frederiksen

Chief of Police

1996 - 2001

Jay McKeen

Chief of Police

2001 - 2009

Stacy V. Tappeiner

Chief of Police

2010 - 2019

Gregory K. Ciambrone

Chief of Police

2019 - Present


Today, the Township of Hamilton Police Department is a professional organization that is focused on the importance of ethical values, the necessity of continuing improvement, the pursuit of a broad formal education, commitment to service, responsiveness, and ongoing self-evaluation as an organization.